Make a difference to climate, biodiversity and livelihoods.

The remote Indigenous communities we partner with benefit from your expertise and resources.


Help us support Indigenous Fire Management.

In order to expand our impact and support the development of ultimately self sustaining Indigenous Fire Management projects, the ISFMI relies on grants and donations. Grant makers are invited to reach out to learn more about our work.

Individuals and organisations wishing to make direct financial contributions to our work can contact us. The capacity to accept direct donations through this site is not yet available but is coming soon.

Participate in the ISFMI Network.

The ISFMI has an established international community of practice. Representing the key elements of the ISFMI – Indigenous knowledge, climate change, research, philanthropy, development and business – many organisations have contributed their knowledge and expertise and will continue to be engaged via ISFMI events, research and study collaborations, information sharing between regions and regular e-newsletters. If you or your organisation has expertise and energy to share, join the ISFMI network.